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Individuals are encouraged to save for their retirement and many choose to hold this in a secure and tax effcient jurisdiction.

Companies also spend time, energy and money trying to attract, reward and retain key employees. International pension, retirement and savings arrangements are useful in meeting the changing and various needs of both expat employees and their employers. These arrangements are ideal for senior executives of international companies, internationally mobile employees, and senior management working outside their countries of origin. 

In addition to attracting, rewarding and retaining key employees in the expatriate market by offering a competitive employee benefits package, they can also be a cost-effective alternative for the organisation when compared to developing multiple host country pension/savings solutions.

Suitable types of arrangements

  • International Pension Plans
  • Offshore Savings Plans
  • Middle East End of Service Gratuity Plans

Services available from Nedgroup Trust

We are ideally placed to assist with the following

  • Trustee services
  • Administration services
  • Assets held by the trustees under a secure trust outside of parent company control
  • Annual member statements/valuations
  • Corporate reporting
  • A range of investment, banking, treasury and custody solutions in conjunction with other group companies