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Nedgroup Trust Newsletter 2017 Spring Edition

14 March 2017

In time, 2016 will be viewed as a momentous year in terms of change to the world order. As well as Brexit and the US election result, we have now moved into a global tax transparency era and governments have been amending tax rules, especially for two of our main markets, the UK and South Africa. The low/zero/negative interest rate environment has prevailed since the financial crisis in 2008/9 and currency markets remain volatile, significantly affecting performance in what has been a positive equity performance year.

We hope you find the articles in this communication enlightening and that they help to demystify what can be complex subject matters. They should also demonstrate that, in most instances, trust structures are still very relevant and continue to add value to your financial planning arrangements.

We look forward to meeting with clients during 2017 and have published our anticipated international travel plans, to assist you in taking advantage of our service trips this year, should you not be able to meet us in our islands where you are always welcome.

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