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Guernsey and Jersey are located in the Channel Islands, protected by the British Crown, but independent since the 13th century.  The islands offer political stability and constitutional independence from the UK, having their own legislatures, judicial systems and tax laws.  Guernsey and Jersey are among the world’s premier financial centres, and we enjoy easy access to a wide range of professionals well versed in the complexity of international finance.

Guernsey and Jersey offer:

  • Strict regulation of financial service providers – www.gfsc.gg / www.jerseyfsc.org
  • Political stability 
  • Fiscal independence 
  • A favourable tax regime 
  • Excellent communications 
  • A high level of legal and financial expertise 
  • No exchange controls 
  • Confidentiality - no public filing of trust deeds 
  • A modern Trust and Company Law providing protection for beneficiaries 
  • Sophisticated electronic company registry